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ca513 - Kontora Kooka - Check

Artist: Kontora Kooka
Title: Check
Date: 2013-03-24
Keywords: art-punk
(320 kbps)

Noise dancing and electronic literature performance.
Music: Vladimir Elizarov
Lyrics: Vladimir Elizarov
Noise: Victor Gurov
Thanks: Oleg Sadovnikov, Danila Telegin


ca509 - Red Cosmos - There And Back

Artist: Red Cosmos
Title: There And Back
Date: 2013-01-21
Keywords: psychedelic; indie; dream-pop; electronic; choraldelia; post-pop; pop
(320 kbps)

Based in York (UK), Red Cosmos is the solo project of Kim Tortoise. Kim was previously a member of The Gods Themselves with Art Moran. They made two super-limited cassettes of novelty tunes and five-minute fade-outs.

This is Red Cosmos' first long-player There And Back. It includes (amongst others) a choraldelic ode to the legendary Psych re-issue label Bam Caruso Records (St.Albans Colour Explosion), a high-voiced love song sung by a kidnapper (You Said You Loved Me), and a track featuring Kim Tortoise's father-in-law reciting a poem about the fate of Iron Stone Miners in Yorkshire (Iron Rush).


Artist: Halster, Vassily K., Herman Müntzing
Title: RNA Polymerase II Transcription
Date: 2012-11-17
Keywords: free improv
(320 kbps)

Halster, a Swedish freely improvising guitar trio operating from Malmö, state their case like this: "Guitar as object. Guitar as subject. Guitar as percussion. Guitar as quotation. Guitar as microphone. Guitar as string-theory. Guitar as a tool. Guitar as a fool. Guitar as guitar. " They hold weekly open Monday sessions in their rehearsal hall made of an old military bunker, and this time the guests were Vassily K., a guitarist from Moscow, and Herman Müntzing, a renown experimental sound artist from Baskemölla, with his electronics and amlified objects. The visual and verbal ideas are taken gratefully from the research of Alan C.M. Cheung and Patrick Cramer at Gene Center and Department of Biochemistry, Center for Integrated Protein Science, Munich.


Artist: Post Human Era
Title: Help, I Invented The Internet
Date: 2012-11-05
Keywords: electro-pop; electronica; post-pop; pop; singularity
(320 kbps)

"Post Human Era is the work of brothers Daniel and Michael Finfer.
Artists love to say their music has a mes sage, but what hap pens when that mes sage is “the Sin gu lar ity is Near”? Post Human Era cre ates albums that explore experimental sounds and ideas, while still pos sess ing enough pop-music chops to make them acces si ble.
'Help, I Invented The Internet' is the result of work spanning the last three years, and their first formal release since 2009's 'To Build A Fire'."


ca505 - Perry Ferya Band - Live on Venus

Artist: Perry Ferya Band
Title: Live on Venus
Date: 2012-10-09
Keywords: psychedelic; improvisation; krautrock; space rock; free jazz; other
(320 kbps)
01 - Live on Venus - 39:34

Perry Ferya Band is a marginal project of Skala Collective’s musicians, oriented to spontaneous psychedelic improvisation with elements of free jazz. ‘Live on Venus’ is an example of one of such experimental sets, recorded in March 2011.


[PICPACK151] Houkoliartilisominity-Void


01 -Loss Of Light(3:02)
02 -Afternoon Outsider(7:01)
03 -Semi-Beloved(5:30)
04 -Frozen(6:10)
05 -Pour Tuer Le Dernier Sourire(6:14)
06 -Falling Trees Hour(4:33) http://archive.org/download/Houkoliartilisominity-Void/Houkoliartilisominity-Void_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack151-houkoliartilisominity-void


01 -Her Last Remnant(5:34)
02 -Our Dreams(6:00)
03 -Our Dreams (Glitch reWork)6:00)
04 -Memento Mori(3:26)
05 -Memorial To The Apprentice(5:50) http://archive.org/download/AlexDuko-fromDreamerToDreamfinder/AlexDuko-fromDreamerToDreamfinder_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack150-alex-duko-dreamer-dreamfinder

Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 9

podcast; experimental; abstract; noise; glitch; ambient; mix

01-Heddy Boubaker-xy²[A.M.P - RECS]
02-Set Controls-Orange Sunshine (II)[Brainstormlab]
03-Max Scordamaglia-After AP & ML - Part 3[MAV [0kbps] Records]
04-RALLY!-Museo Diego Rivera
05-Franz Rosati-Nanosonics [Brusio Netlabel]
06-Brusio Vol. Zero-Brusio Vol. Zero[Brusio Netlabel]
07-Eigenheimer-Wafeti bok[rec72]
08-Zoologic-Familiar Hole[Classwar Karaoke]
09-Calla Soiled-The End[MarginalRec.]
10-North Bay - Thorough Masterminds[Black Hymn Records]
11-Tiziano Milani-n°2 variations for piano and insects[capillarywaves]
12-Monoiz-Multiplied Phoneme[Crazy Language Netlabel]
13-Trollhead - Elohim[Bedroom Research]
14-Sun-Inside - Spiral[Section 27] http://archive.org/download/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork9/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork9_vbr_mp3.zip http://www.mixcloud.com/djknolios/sun-inside-mix-travel-network-9/

ca504 - Weinberger - Inconvenience

Artist: Weinberger
Title: Inconvenience
Date: 2012-09-15
Keywords: electroacoustic noise poems; spoken word; other
(320 kbps)

“inconvenience” is a collection of electroacoustic noise poems, which are musical translations of mental processes.


[PICPACK149] Palsekam-Fractal Fequency


01 -Zola-f(3:11)
02 -Globe You Heed(4:51)
03 -Aloe(4:39)
04 -Kill Rfid(4:37)
05 -Mirraball(2:44)
06 -Poloeyomi(5:04)
07 -Salat Soul(4:06) http://archive.org/download/Palsekam-fractalFequency/Palsekam-fractalFequency_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack149-palsekam-fractal-fequency